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Workshops being held at blankspace!

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Workshops being held at blankspace!

Innlegg Blankspace 07 Jun 2013, 08:15

Our mission statement at blankspace is firm: We want to bridge the gap between artist and buyer, as well as audience to artwork. One of the best ways to achieve that is through education, and therefore we are offering workshops at our studio for anyone willing to learn - this means everyone who has never picked up a pencil before all the way through professionals looking to stay sharp or explore new ideas. You can never stop learning, we won't let you.

Below are the few classes we offer so far, but will be expanding this section soon as audience demand escalates.

The cost for each class is 50 kroner, all supplies outside of subject matter must be provided by artist. They are held every Tuesday throughout the summer (and beyond!) To see a schedule, please visit our webpage at: http://www.blankspaceoslo.com


You will be drawing a series of short, gesture poses to begin to understand the rhythm of the human body. Efficiency and balance are stressed to get the best image you can in shorter and shorter increments of time - how complete a work is does not gauge it's success!
All poses are from a live, nude model and vary from 1-5 minutes long.


You will be drawing from a single pose for the entire duration of the class. Set-up and proportions are stressed, as well as anatomy, values and atmosphere.
You are welcome to use any type of material, but we do ask that it be water-based only. (Unless you will dispose of it in a proper, toxic collection unit yourself)
Poses are from a live, nude model and are 3 hours long (including breaks).

Character is the main purpose of this class, but secondary elements are fold construction and clothe gravity.
This class is best for artists who want to understand the way clothes interact with the form of the body. Also, cartoonists and animators are encouraged to attend.


​Though this class is focusing on the still-life, it can be crucial to understand color theory and composition. Still-life skills are often found to be the quickest way to understanding the science of art.

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Registrert: 05 Jun 2013, 21:58

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